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Through Cognitive Training, Meditation and much more.


Embrace an integrative approach to cognition and intuition.

Our training programs combine theory and practice, leveraging state-of-the-art developments in psychology, neuroscience, and the cognitive science of meditation together with hands-on experiential knowledge in business, management, strategic foresight, and arts transcended by outstanding individuals. Although rationality is an undeniable aspect of modern existence, rationality alone is detrimental without intuition and the sense of the whole. Our integrative approach to rationality and intuition helps maximize qualitative aspects of personal experience. 


Root yourself in spiritual traditions of the East that are adapted for the West.

Our training programs stem from and take the best of many spiritual traditions of the East, such as Vipassana, Dzogchen, Sufi practices, dynamic meditation, martial arts, and many others. These traditions are invaluable sources of practical knowledge on resonating with another person or the World as a whole and becoming You. Instead of condemning Spirituality in favour of Science, we integrate both, keeping the existential essence of spiritual traditions intact. We let you reconnect with yourself to discover yourself.


Become a creator.
Achieve objective results in your life.

The measure of effectiveness is the ability to embody your boldest ideas into reality. Mindfulness, in this sense, is not about becoming a monk or a priest and seeking refuge in the mountains or spiritual organizations. It is the means to achieve success - objective results in your life. Our training programs enhance your cognitive abilities, awareness, and intuition. They let you SENSE, RECONNECT and CREATE your own reality, making you more in tune with your current situation and more energized to shape your own life and the life of others.


Cognition and Intuition Training

Re-discover your intuition

This Cognitive Training  (led by Sergey Kovalyukh and authored by Grigory Reynin) is more than usual training of cognitive abilities, such as mindfulness or memory. The primary goals of the training are to develop intuition and integrate creativity with rationality to become more effective in one's personal and professional life. Since intuition comes with self-discovery, this training program allows you to re-connect with yourself and establish a new relationship with other people and your own world.

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